The most dependable winter flower as far as cold-hardiness.   They will continue to bloom no matter how cold it gets. Unfortunately,

they are not for areas with deer.  They want well-drained soil and at least 1/2 day of sun.  Dead-head for most prolific blooming.

Delta & Dynamite Series - Large clear faced (no blotch) flowers.  Deep blue, citrus mix (yellow, white, orange), lavender blue shades,

pure colors mix, pure lemon, light blue, orange, pure red, true blue, waterfall mix, violet, white, yellow.

Majestic Giant Series - Very large flowers with the characteristic 'face' or blotch in the middle.  Deep blue, ocean (mid-blue to white

shades, marina, purple, Roslyn(pink shades), Sherry (antique shades of gold, apricot, coral pink), white with blue face,

yellow with purple-black face.