Annual for winter and early spring bloom. Sun to part sun.  Well-drained soil a must.  Do not plant too deeply or

mulch heavily around plants.  Water sparingly until established.  Keep deadheaded for best flowering.  We grow 3 sizes

ranging from 8" to 3' tall.

Dwarf:     Bells - Purple/white, red, rose, white or yellow. Ht. 8".

Montego - Blush, bronze, pink, purple, red, rose bi-color, scarlet, violet, white or yellow. Ht. 10".

Mid-size: Arrow Series (NEW) - Early blooming, sturdy stems. Deep Red, yellow.  Ht. 16" - 18".                                                                                              La Bella Series - Large open flowers. bronze, mix, purple, red, rose, white or yellow. Ht. 18".

Sonnet Series - Sturdy stems on this old time favorite. Burgundy, mix, pink, rose, white, yellow. Ht. 18".

Tall:       Rocket Series - Should be staked for most dramatic show. Bronze, mix, pink, yellow.  Ht. 36".

Snap_-_Tall.jpg Snap_-_dwarf.jpg