Calibrachoa - Million Bells

Spreading form, good for containers and baskets. Keep evenly moist.  We have found they don't do very well in the ground but you could prove us wrong!

ALOHA Series: Hardiest variety we've found.  They don't die out in the middle and will recover from a slight wilt.  8" T x 12" W.

Blue Sky; Canary Yellow; Kona Cherry Red; Kona Dark Lavender; Grape Cartwheel (Purple Bicolor); Mandarin (Orange); Mango (Soft Orange); Kona Midnight Blue (Dk. Purple); Kona Hot Pink; Kona Soft Pink; Red Cartwheel (Red Bicolor); Kona White; Milk & Honey.

Calibracoa-Blue_&_White_.JPG Calibrachoa_hang_bskt.JPG