Aristolochia sp. - Dutchman's Pipe

Exotic, vigorous vine that grows in sun or shade. The 4 varieties we grow are hardy here.  The heights range from a groundcover to over 20'.  The seed pods are as interesting as the polka-dotted flowers.

Aristolochia braziliensis - We call this plant droopy drawers because the huge (1'x2') flowers look like pinkish granny panties.  It has solid green, heart-shaped leaves and will grow at least 20' in a season.  The blooms appear in late summer and last until frost.

Aristolochia gigantea - These flowers are smaller than the species above, but have the same distinct pipe-shaped flower buds that open to a lavenderish color with polka dots.  These leaves are also solid green and this vine also grows vigorously.

Aristolochia leptans - Again, green heart-shaped leaves, pipe-shaped buds and polka dot flowers define this species.  The flowers are smaller yet than the above 2, averaging about 2" across.  This plant blooms dependably in the shade and the seed pods look like descending space capsules.

Aristolochia                    - This is the groundcover version that thrives in hot, dry, sunny locations.  The leaves are dark green with silver veins but the flowers are a darker purple with a distinct fringed edge.  We will grow this in flats for contract only but it doesn't take long.