Lantana - Spreading Types

Spreading lantana types are wider than they are tall, typically 16" T x 30" W. All require at least 4 hours

of direct sun a day and well-drained soil.  Fertilize regularly. If possible do not cut plant back in winter but wait until early

spring when new growth begins.  This makes it more cold resistant.

Lemon Drop - Cream colored flowers.

New Gold - Bright gold flowers, sets very little seed.

Pink Spreading - NEW! Multi-color pink and cream blooms.

Red Spreading - NEW! Mostly red with some orange petals.

Silver Mound - White with small yellow dot in center, flowers start off cream, then change.

Tangerine - Bright orange flowers.


Lantana_New_Gold.JPG Lantana_Pink_Spread.JPG Lantana_Lemon_Drop.jpg Lantana_Red_Spreading.jpg